After 75 minutes of touchdown-less play, the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks authored perhaps the most are-you-kidding-me overtime game in NFL history on Sunday night. The NFC West rivals combined for 16 penalties and three missed field goals – including a pair of would-be, chip-shot game-winners – in an improbable 6-6 tie.

The Cardinals can’t feel good about this one, especially after dominating time of possession, gaining almost 200 more total yards than Seattle and finishing with more than twice as many first downs.

“They all feel like they let one slip away,” and 98.7 FM host Adam Green said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “They had multiple chances to win this game. Really, for the first 60 minutes of this game, they totally dominated the Seahawks defensively. They had three or four drives that ended up in Cardinals territory – and one of those was off a blocked punt. That’s how they got their first three points – a zero-yard scoring drive in which they got the blocked punt and kicked the field goal to tie things up. So the Cardinals feel like it could be worse, but they feel like it probably should have been a lot better for them.”

David Johnson was a bright spot for Arizona. He rushed 33 times for 113 yards and had eight catches for 58 yards.

“It seems like they’re starting to discover their offensive identity, and that’s basically David Johnson,” Green said. “Get him the ball any way you can – running, passing – just do whatever you can to put the ball in his hands and let him go to work. Last year’s Cardinals, everyone knew they were a downfield team, throw the ball deep and gain the chunk plays. This year, they started off still trying to do that but were having no success in that aspect. To (ride Johnson) in back-to-back weeks against the New York Jets and then the Seattle Seahawks – against a very good run defense – shows this team can run the football. But of course, you would feel a lot better about them having changed and turned things around if they would have won the game rather than tied it.”

Carson Palmer, meanwhile, has struggled with his deep ball this season and was sacked four times Sunday. Still, he went 29-of-49 for 342 yards against Seattle and finished without a turnover.

“He’s had two bad games,” Green said. “He had a bad game in Buffalo with four interceptions, and then the next week against the Rams he had an interception in the end zone. Outside of that, he hasn’t been as good as he was last season, but he also hasn’t been really bad or anything like that. The biggest thing for him is health, but I think tonight he looked pretty good for the Cardinals. If nothing else, that was one of the positive developments for Carson Palmer. His arm strength looked good, his accuracy looked good and his decision-making was fine.”

Defensively, Arizona (3-3-1) has allowed just nine points in its last two games and hasn’t allowed a touchdown in nine consecutive quarters.

“This was about as good of an effort as you’ll see,” Green said. “Save for a couple of drives in overtime, they were just phenomenal. They’re starting to get their pass rush down with just sending four guys, (which has) been a real bonus for them. It allows them to play a little bit more coverage in the back end. The Seahawks don’t exactly have the best offensive line, but the last three weeks or so – really outside of the Buffalo Bills game – Arizona’s defense has been quite good . . . (and at times) downright dominant.”

The Cardinals play at Carolina (1-5) this Sunday before their Week 9 bye. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. ET.

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