Had Marcell Dareus played this past weekend against Miami, there’s a pretty good chance that Jay Ajayi doesn’t rush for 214 yards. Dareus, however, missed the game due to a hamstring injury.

All he could do was watch from the sideline and watch his teammates get gashed over and over and over again.

“It was devastating,” Dareus said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “It was one of the toughest things I had to go through with my team. I’m just sitting there hopeless, just really sitting there defenseless, just really wanting to help these guys so bad. I felt like I just couldn’t do anything. The biggest cheerleader didn’t matter that game. I just really wanted to help out.”

Dareus will try to do that this Sunday when the Bills (4-3) host New England (6-1). The former No. 3 overall pick expects Tom Brady and the Patriots to employ an up-tempo offense, especially after getting shut out against the Bills in Foxboro on Oct. 2.

“That’s usually how their game plan is,” Dareus said. “If they don’t, we get after them pretty good. Brady doesn’t like guys sacking him. He don’t like guys at his feet, and we have a knack for getting to him when we can. He’s going to do all he can to keep us off of him. He’s gotten pretty good at it, but there’s only so much you can do. He’s going to try to up-tempo us. Eventually our offense will do what they have to do and he’s going to have to slow it down and just kind of make stuff happen. We’re all conditioned. We’re in shape. We’re ready to go.”

Dareus, who signed a six-year, $96 million contract with Buffalo in September 2015, was asked if he feels pressure to live up to the deal.

“Of course I do,” the 26-year-old said. “The contract is one thing, but I love this sport. I love what it’s done for me. I love what it’s done for my family. I love the people it’s put me around. The contract is one thing and my organization is another and my ownership is a completely different conversation. But I’m just excited to be back. I’m excited to get going. They know what they have, they know what they invested in, and I just really want to do the best I can to earn back their trust and their respect.”

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