Tom Bogert, CBS Local Sports

Who? Yeah, exactly.

What in the bloody– yeah, exactly.

Jake Layman. Currently the record holder for most points per 36 minutes in NBA history (minimum 24 minutes).

There’s been a ton of furor surrounding Joel Embiid, his silky play and even more legendary social media game, but there’s another rookie who’s (in certain less competitive spurts) statistically superior. (One statistic, at least.)

Unfortunately, Layman has only been on the floor for the Portland Trail Blazers just 24 minutes this season. But those 24 minutes, they’ve been magical. The stuff of folklore.

It’s Layman and Joel Embiid THEN there’s Michael Jordan and George Gervin.

Before the 2016 NBA Draft this June, Layman did an exclusive interview with CBS Local Sports’ Bryan Altman and told him that it’d be a dream just to hear his name called on draft night after four successful seasons at Maryland.

“To hear my name called on draft day would be a dream come true,” said Hayman. “A lot of guys have that same answer, but it’d be a dream come true because it really is my goal to play in the NBA and be a really good NBA player.”

For what it’s worth, Layman’s 26 combined points have come against the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers. Granted it’s garbage time but hey you’ve got to play who’s ahead of you. Those were the only two of Portland’s nine games he’s appeared in.

Layman’s scoring binge comes unprecedented based for a myriad of reasons, not least the fact that he scored just 13 points across 44 preseason minutes this October.

Whatever. No matter what happens this season or for the rest of his career, no one can take that ESPN graphic away from him. If I’m his parents, I’m framing that and putting it above the fireplace. Hell, maybe even on the front door. A commemorating tattoo wouldn’t be out of the question.


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