By Rahul Lal

Wide receiver T.Y. Hilton isn’t a stranger to making highlight plays – this time he found a way to get a touchdown even with his defender getting both hands on the ball. Quarterback Andrew Luck rolled out to his right and threw a ball that went straight through the defense’s hands and into Hilton’s.

This was Hilton’s fifth receiving touchdown on the season as he put them up by three scores early against the Titans. The defender, Perrish Cox, was in perfect position to make the play on the ball but Hilton was able to move just a bit quicker and make the unbelievable catch. This was Hilton’s second reception on the day.

Colts’ fans may take some comfort in seeing a score like this as the Colts seem to find themselves, week after week, in tight games with little room to breathe. The Colts will look to stay steady and improve to 5-5 on the season. The Colts, as always, are still in the playoff hunt and will need an extra push the rest of the season to surge their way into the playoffs in what is generally considered a weak division.


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