The Oakland Raiders have been working on attempting to get a new stadium built for several years now. The team, run by owner Mark Davis, hadn’t had much luck convincing Oakland legislators to approve a new stadium deal and began exploring relocation options. Then, yesterday, news came that Oakland and Alameda County approved a $1.3 billion dollar plan that included $350 million of public money for a potential new stadium.

However, while this may seem like good news for fans hoping that the Raiders will stay in Northern California, there’s still a long way to go.

“Basically it’s kind of a land agreement, but it doesn’t really mean much because Mark Davis was not in on the meeting on Monday and he’s not really looking at this as a solution and the NFL came out today and said it’s pretty much not any better than the last Oakland idea was so at this point it’s not that big of a deal,” said San Francisco Chronicle Raiders writer Vic Tafur on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench show. “I hate to say it for Oakland people but I think Mark Davis has his sights set on Las Vegas and the league’s going to wait until January to see what they can do about that proposal.”


So, despite the city seemingly starting to make progress towards putting a new stadium in Oakland, Davis wants out for the Sin City?

“Definitely, I think Mark wants a new stadium and they agreed upon $750 million in taxpayer money from Vegas and Oakland can’t match that,” said Tafur. “Obviously, Oakland has a lot of things going on and a stadium is not high on their list so I think at this point, he’ll either have to get a better offer or a better idea as far as a stadium goes in Oakland to stay there.”

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