Former NFL LB Takeo Spikes on Gio And Jones

“That’s the enjoyment that I got out of the book, to be able to see it done.”

Former NFL TE Tony Gonzalez on Tiki And Tierney

“I knew right from the beginning, you could see he could make all the throws, like a lot of quarterbacks can.”

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers on The Jim Rome Show

“I think I’ve played as good. I think I’ve gone through stretches where I’ve played as good as I’m playing now.”

Packers Kicker Mason Crosby on The Doug Gottlieb Show

“I think I got a little juiced up with the distance and kind of hit a little higher on the ball than I was intending, but I kind of just drove it through there.”

Former NBA Head Coach George Karl on The DA Show

“I don’t think I scored every bridge.”

Wisconsin Forward Ethan Happ on Ferrall On The Bench

“There’s so much up and down this year, so it’s tough to win anywhere, but especially on the road.”

Former NFL Kicker Jay Feely on After Hours With Amy Lawrence

“There always is, among fans, this vitriol for kickers, but they don’t have the same thing for a designated hitter or a closer in baseball or somebody who has a specific role on these teams.”


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