By Jake Brown

The San Francisco 49ers will let former Pro Bowl safety John Lynch lead the way as general manager. Lynch has no prior experience in the front office, but was given a six-year deal by Jed York and company. Was it shocking?

“Not really…think a lot of it was born with the leverage that Shanahan had,” said three-time Super Bowl champion with the 49ers Randy Cross on The Jake Brown Show on “Once Josh McDaniels decided he was gonna take himself out of it then Kyle Shanahan was the last guy still on a horse and he pretty much could name his terms and name his people and put San Francisco in a pretty bad spot if you think about it Jake, if they said no to anything and what’s his worst case scenario, make a Million as an offensive coordinator of the best offense in the league and then wait till next year for another pretty good job. So they had to say yes and that’s one of the things he wanted was a young, aggressive guy like John Lynch and surround him with some of the people he’s familiar with and go from there.”

Lynch made the smooth transition from successful player to pretty successful broadcaster on FOX…but will the transition from broadcaster to GM be as smooth?

“Well I have confidence that he’s a pretty good football guy,” Cross told me. “The key will be what kind of an eye does he have for talent, what kind of an ability to get consensus in a room full of pretty smart people including his coaches and the bottom-line in that building is the number one football guy isn’t gonna be John Lynch. The number one football guy is Kyle Shanahan. So, his guys are gonna be the ones to fit his offense, know what he wants to do defensively and I’ve been telling 49ers fans over the course of the last three or four days once all this started coming together don’t panic, don’t go crazy, wait until you see the entire unit put together as far as the front office and coaches and what not and judge it from there. My guess is they’re gonna be fast, they’re gonna be young and when it comes to drafting and free agency and what not with all the money they’ve got sitting against the cap, they’re gonna be pretty damn aggressive.”

We know that Lynch and likely Shanahan will be a pivotal part of the 49ers future. The first step might be figuring out if Colin Kaepernick is their QB of the future or if they should pick another QB in the NFL Draft.

“I wouldn’t let Colin Kaepernick fold my towels,” Cross said. “He can go do the rest of his life work wherever he wants to go. I would try to make a deal with someone else and see if I can get something out of him, but no I wouldn’t have him as my quarterback. I’d have short term somebody that’s gonna be kind of the guy. I’m not a huge fan of making the deals that some people have made for these quarterbacks with teams. I just do not think it’s smart you give up so much draft wise that it really affects your depth. The only one that I can think of that was a great deal for multiple picks was Julio Jones a few years back, but the rest of them for quarterbacks and stuff has basically been an empty hole.”

So if no Kaepernick, what do the 49ers do in the draft?

“Well they’re sitting in a nice spot,” said Cross. “I think they and Cleveland are both sitting in a spot as guys are gonna identify who they really like not necessarily quarterbacks. I wouldn’t draft any of these guys my favorite quarterback in this draft is Deshaun Watson but luckily for him I don’t think Deshaun is gonna go until a playoff team somewhere in the 20’s I don’t look at that as being a real penalty but no I think when you look at defensive players, when you look at some recievers, offensive linemen, quarterbacks not the strongest group. I’ve seen Trubisky a couple of times on tape and he’s not bad but he’s not a top five guy in my mind.”

Cross, who a couple weeks ago predicted this would be the Super Bowl on my show, also weighed in on how he thinks the game will play out Sunday.

“I think you’re gonna see a game that at least initially as we go later in that week that we’re gonna see a lot of analogy’s between the Patriots and the greatest show on turf team down there in the Superdome years ago where they’re gonna have to take something away. I think the Patriots won that first Super Bowl for one reason and that’s because Mike Martz kind of went brain dead and forgot he had Marshall Faulk I think that’s something that the Falcons will not do they have really good running backs in Coleman and Freeman and that passing game is pretty damn potent. I think the Falcons score somewhere in the mid 30’s and I think they win anywhere from 8-to-10 points in this game.”

Catch the rest of the podcast above, on iTunes Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Former NFL offensive lineman Brian Baldinger, former Pro Bowl RB Ronnie Brown, former WR Rob Carpenter, and sports handicapper Vegas Dave all joined this week’s Super Bowl preview show.

Jake Brown is the Digital Program Manager at CBS Sports Radio and a columnist for CBS Sports Radio, CBS Local Sports, and CBS Local. You can catch him on The Jake Brown Show on CBS Radio’s, iTunes, and Spotify. It’s a weekly sports show mixed in with a bit of entertainment and interviews as well every week. He occasionally hosts SportsTalk1240 on WGBB in Long Island, and formerly hosted Brown and Scoop, Brown and Troupe, and on ESPN Radio NH. Jake lives in Queens and being a Mets fan is finally paying off.


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