By Jake Brown

After around five million NFL Mock Drafts, the day has finally come…the actual draft. We finally get to see the first round names revealed. No more ‘expert’ predictions. No more rumors. No more pre-draft horror stories. It’s here and oh does it feel so glorious.

One NFL prospect who may not get picked on Thursday, but likely will be taken on Friday in the second or third round is Florida State defensive end DeMarcus Walker. The 22-year-old is 6’4″, 280 pounds and can play at multiple spots on the front seven.

In fact, Walker spoke with me on The Jake Brown Show on CBS Radio’s and stated multiple times that he believes he is the ‘most versatile player in the draft.’ Walker also recounted the story of a question the Patriots asked him and answer.

“I can play anything. I’m the most versatile player in this draft. I got a funny story. I was meeting with the Patriots and the D-line coach was like ‘if you can choose, d-tackle or d-end, who would you pick’ and I was like ‘I can do both, just watch the film, I do well at both. I got to learn more stuff, but I can do both.’ He goes ‘if I put a gun to your head, and you had to pick, which one would you choose?’

“I told him to pull the trigger.”

Listen to the rest of the interview above or by searching for The Jake Brown Show on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Jake Brown is the Digital Program Manager at CBS Sports Radio and a columnist for CBS Sports Radio, CBS Local Sports, and CBS Local. You can catch him on The Jake Brown Show on CBS Radio’s, iTunes, and Spotify. It’s a weekly sports show mixed in with a bit of entertainment and interviews as well every week. He occasionally hosts SportsTalk1240 on WGBB in Long Island, and formerly hosted Brown and Scoop, Brown and Troupe, and on ESPN Radio NH. Jake lives in Queens and being a Mets fan may finally be paying off.


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