If you think the drama between Manny Machado and the Boston Red Sox is over, well, think again. Machado, who accidentally spiked Dustin Pedroia during a slide into second on April 21, was thrown at three times by Eduardo Rodriguez on April 23. Later in that game, Red Sox reliever Matt Barnes threw a 97-mile-per-hour fast ball behind Machado’s head.

It didn’t end there.

Chris Sale threw behind Machado in the first inning of Boston’s 5-2 win over Baltimore on Tuesday. Machado struck out in the at-bat but homered off Sale in the seventh inning – his second homer in the last two nights.

You can expect more theatrics Wednesday.

“There will be fireworks,” MLB Network analyst Greg Amsinger said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I’m telling you right now. There will probably be warnings before this game. Kevin Gausman for the Orioles is pitching, he throws 98 – I won’t believe it if I woke up tomorrow and I didn’t see the game and Buck Showalter didn’t have anybody drilled for the Boston Red Sox. I wouldn’t believe it. Gausman is the perfect guy to do it, and who knows? If Machado gets hit again – like he kind of warned everybody last night in the postgame tirade – he’s going to take matters into his own hands. Something will go down.”



Machado, with mounds of moxie, is making the Red Sox pay for their shenanigans.

“He keeps hitting homers,” Amsinger said, laughing. “That’s the problem.”

And he’s letting them marinate. Two of Machado’s three slowest home-run trots since 2015 have come the last two nights in Boston.

“He has David Ortiz’ed the Boston Red Sox,” Amsinger said. “This is where Pedro (Martinez) and Mike Lowell disagree with each other. Mike Lowell is like, ‘Look, if you take that long to round the bases, don’t be surprised if you’re stirring it up again.’ And then he said, ‘As I say that, how can anyone that’s a fan of the Boston Red Sox be mad at a player that rounds the bases in an hour when they cheered for David Ortiz when he did that over 500 times?’ Pedro said, ‘Well, wait a minute. Future Hall of Famer David Ortiz has been in the game a long time. Manny Machado isn’t even 25 years old yet.’ So they kind of disagreed on that.”

Either way, Machado is the winner here. The Red Sox keep missing him, and he keeps making Boston pay.

“I think Manny Machado not allowing them to get in his head, to still hit homers, to still play at a high level, I think that is what is frustrating the Boston Red Sox,” Amsinger said. “He just won’t go away. He won’t back down.”

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