LaVar Ball’s Big Baller Brand unveiled Lonzo Ball’s new signature shoes on Thursday. The sneakers, called ZO2, can be yours for the small price of, wait for it, $495.

Yes, you read that correctly.

“If you can make money and there are people that are going to buy it, (okay), but it won’t be anything that’s gracing the floors of my house,” former NBA player and current Fox Sports Southwest Grizzlies analyst Brevin Knight said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “This is the new age of social media, trying to make sure that you have as many followers, likes – whatever all of the other things that they have today. That’s today’s world, and he’s trying to make sure that they capture every cent that they are able to get. Now is it something I would do to my kids? No, but that is the way that he has raised them from Day One.”



Indeed, Lonzo Ball might be the best point guard prospect in a generation, but his father seems to garner more attention and headlines. Some people think LaVar could hurt his son’s draft prospects.

Knight’s response? Heck no.

“In our game, it’s about winning,” he said. “If you as a player can help me win basketball games, we’ll figure out ways to have to deal with and put up your dad in that situation. But I think his talent is one in which he will be a top pick. He’s very similar to a Jason Kidd, I think, with the ability to score a little bit sooner. Of course there will be no other Jason Kidd in terms of just running things, understanding the pulse of it and being able to guard multiple positions. But he has the height, the size, the vision to be that type of player as he goes forward.”

If you’re tired of LaVar Ball’s act, well, it’ll be difficult to ignore. Lonzo figures to be a fixture of the NBA for the next decade and beyond, with brothers LiAngelo and LaMelo hoping to follow in his footsteps.

“I know that (LaVar) has an excellent older son,” Knight said, referring to Lonzo. “The other two, I’m not going to lie to you: I don’t watch them enough to say what they can do. But his older son is absolutely fantastic at playing basketball. That’s kind of how I look at them. All of this sideshow stuff, I leave as a sideshow, but just basketball-wise, he’s going to have a good career because he understands the tempo of the game, he’s a true point guard that can score, but he is willing to pass first and make his teammates better. So I’m excited to see him play the game. The stuff with his dad and the rest of that stuff is for others to talk about.”

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