Kyle Lowry has opted out of the final year of his contract, which means the Toronto Raptors have a choice to make: do they let Lowry walk, or do they re-sign him for the max?

The max, by the way, would be roughly $200 million over five years.

For Bobby Marks, this isn’t even a question.

“I’m not paying him max money, and I’m not even paying him what Mike Conley made last summer,” the former Nets assistant GM and current Front Office Insider for The Vertical said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney, referring to Conley’s $153 million deal. “My concern with Lowry is he is 31, he’s been in the top two in the league in minutes played the last two years, and it’s not about next year or the year after; but where is he going to be in years 3-5 in the contract making $40 million a year? That’s a lot of money for a point guard.”



Especially for a point guard whose team was swept in the playoffs. Yes, Toronto held off up-and-coming Milwaukee in the first round, but the Raptors had no answers for Cleveland in the second. The Cavs swept Toronto, as Lowry and DeMar DeRozan fell to 2-8 in the playoffs against Cleveland.

“I think Masai Ujiri, the GM, is going have to ask is it the roster or is it the system that Dwane Casey implements there?” Marks said. “But I would have concerns paying Lowry top dollar. I think that’s a question a lot of teams are going to have: what is the financial cost of being a good team?”

Marks, by the way, believes the Raptors’ problems are a product of their system, not their personnel.

“I think it’s the system. I really do,” Marks said. “I don’t think they’re on a level where they’re at Cleveland, but you watch this team. It is iso, one-on-one, the ball doesn’t move, (Jonas) Valanciunas has no role in this system, we can take DeMarre Carroll out because he’s a shell of himself – it’s the same old ending every year and you basically need Lowry or Derozan to bail you out of games.”

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