Bill Reiter hopes that Conor McGregor destroys Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas on Aug. 26. He hopes that McGregor tags him left and right, knocks him out, and that Mayweather gets the comeuppance that many sports fans feel he deserves.

But Reiter knows that’s highly unlikely.

“Here’s my wishful thinking,” the CBS Sports Radio host said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “Mayweather is 40, maybe McGregor is a powerful puncher – even when he’s got actual boxing gloves on – and maybe a little bit of karma just comes around. It probably won’t be a great fight, but I’ve been to most of McGregor’s fights state-side, and time and again the guy surprises us and shocks us, including against Nate Diaz in that second fight. So I am holding out hope that we’re all wrong and, at minimum, it can be a good boxing match.”



Reiter tried to make a legitimate case for McGregor winning the fight.

“McGregor is a lot longer than guys that Mayweather is used to,” Reiter said. “He’s left-handed. It’s a little bit of a misnomer (that Mayweather struggles against southpaws), but still, a slight bit of help for Conor McGregor. And in UFC, they don’t use gloves. It’s not bare-knuckle, but it’s pretty close. We don’t know how McGregor punches with boxing gloves, but we do know he’s got a lot better chin than people expect and that Mayweather is probably used to – because he’s also getting shots in the face in the UFC time and again. So if he can handle a little bit of Mayweather’s counter-punching and abuse, then yeah, McGregor getting really aggressive and getting in there, I think ups his odds to get lucky and bring out that puncher’s-chance opportunity. You never know.”

Reiter reminded listeners that everyone counted McGregor out after he went up a weight class and lost to Diaz at UFC 196 in March 2016. McGregor, though, came back and beat Diaz five months later at UFC 202.

“I know it’s a different sport,” Reiter said, comparing boxing to UFC, “but I’m at the point where I’m sort of done doubting Conor even if all the odds say it shouldn’t even be a fight.”

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