Whatever happens in Las Vegas on Aug. 26, whether Floyd Mayweather embarrasses Conor McGregor or McGregor pulls the stunner of the century, one thing is certain: McGregor will never have to work another day in his life.

A potential nine-figure payday will do that for you.

“Truly, I don’t think he will (fight again),” Bellator light heavyweight champion Phil Davis said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “I think this might be it for him.”



McGregor has held lightweight and featherweight UFC belts, and his boxing bout with McGregor could be the most-watched fight in combat-sports history.

Translation: it’s all downhill from here.

Scott Ferrall wonders if other MMA fighters will follow in McGregor’s footsteps: find a boxer to fight and ink a money-grab.

Davis (17-3) doesn’t see himself doing that.

“I don’t like losing, and I got to tell you the truth: Boxing is a whole other thing,” he said. “It’s completely different. I don’t assume I can go in and (beat) anybody.”

McGregor has surprised people in the past, but Davis sees him struggling against Mayweather.

“He doesn’t miss, he’s so precise, and he doesn’t get hit,” Davis said of Mayweather. “He doesn’t get hit. Where I thought McGregor would have a little bit of an advantage (was) in the reach department. He’s a big featherweight, but he only has two inches in this matchup. Two inches. That’s not much of a reach advantage.”

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