By Amy Lawrence

On Thursday night, the NBA Draft saw 60 players join its league. One of the most debated topics has been the one-and-done rule which permits college athletes to go straight to the NBA after only being one year removed from high school. CBS Sports Network analyst Pete Gillen joined Amy Lawrence on her show After Hours With Amy Lawrence to talk about how the players just aren’t ready for the NBA yet.

“I’d like to see them go back and say alright, if you want to leave out of high school, there’s a few young men each year,” Gillen started. “This year was a real good, deep draft so there might’ve been a few more but I’d like to see that you can go after high school or you’ve got to stay at least two years in college and make a commitment. I’d love to see them stay three, like baseball, but I would settle for two. Our one-and-done is not working for anybody, it’s not working for colleges, I don’t think the NBA likes it so I’d like to see them change that.”

This has been hotly contested as there are pros and cons for each side with the players having the biggest advantage by being allowed to go to the league early. While we’ve seen some prospects come out and declare for the draft and be stars like Anthony Davis or Karl Anthony-Towns, we’ve also seen players like Paul George and Kawhi Leonard take time to develop. These players are into their second contract by the time they’re displaying their ability.

Unlike some predictions, this draft stayed par for the course with its picks early on. Most analysts called this draft logical and that was for the reason that there were no twists and turns and teams didn’t really reach for players like we’ve seen in the past.

“People that were going to pick certain guys picked them. In other words, the ones that the experts, for a while, had been saying ‘hey, it looks like five of the top players would be point guards, five of the top-11.’ That’s what happened,” he said. “The Lakers would pick Lonzo Ball, the teams took the talented players that they really needed so there were no giant surprises. I just think one surprise that happened with Minnesota getting Jimmy Butler, I thought that was a great get. They needed that to go along with Wiggins and Karl Anthony-Towns and then they get Justin Patton. I think Minnesota did a nice job getting a big time guy to go along with those two young, talented players.”




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