Herschel Walker has been many things in his career. He’s gone from a sprinter to a bobsledder to a legendary running back and is now competing in Mixed Martial Arts at its biggest stage. He went on Gio and Jones to speak about his love for MMA fighting and the thrill it gives him.

“I love competition,” he said. “When you’re working out, mixed martial arts is one of the best workouts I’ve ever done in my life and I know about fitness. That’s one thing I know about. I got into this mixed martial arts thing and I’ll tell you what, it’s one of the best workouts I’ve ever done. I absolutely love it. I’m sore all the time but I absolutely love it. ”

Boxing and MMA are having a bit of a crossover fight coming up as the sports’ biggest stars have agreed to fight each other. Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, two of the most dominant fighters in the world, will square off in a highly anticipated bout that is sure to draw some of the biggest crowds. The fight will be conducted as a boxing match as opposed to a mixed martial arts fight and Walker believes that Floyd has to take advantage of this.

“I think it’s going to be interesting. It’s going to be interesting because I love Conor. He’s a great, great guy, he’s a great MMA fighter but he doesn’t know about boxing,” he said. “Floyd Mayweather is one of the best of all time. The best fighter ever was Muhammad Ali then you talk about Tyson and George Foreman but Floyd Mayweather is up there when you start talking about championships… This is a boxing fight but one thing I will say for the public, I feel that because they’re going to put this fight on, that Conor has got to go at least six rounds and Floyd has got to fight. Otherwise, this is a joke because this is a boxing match that people will have to pay money to see and they’re going to pay a lot of money. They’ve been promoting it and these guys are going to make a lot of money so let’s not make it a joke. They’ve got to get in the ring and they’ve got to fight. If they do that, Floyd has got to take Conor out early. If he doesn’t do that, it’s a strike against boxing because this is professional boxing, this is not an MMA fight.”


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