Brandon Marshall is known first and foremost for his football talent. Only 33, he is approaching 1,000 career receptions and already has 12,000+ receiving yards and 80+ touchdowns in his career. But his gig on Inside the NFL raised his profile immensely, as he spoke openly and honestly about any and all topics.

Just don’t call him outspoken.

“I don’t think I was outspoken; I just think I was speaking,” Marshall said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I think that’s what makes it a little interesting because not a lot of athletes do it. Sometimes we’re told to stay in our box and not rock the boat, and what’s funny is we can just rock the boat by just commenting on things outside of football.”



That happened to Marshall just the other day.

“I tweeted about Trump’s new health care plan, and a guy started this whole argument,” Marshall said. “This guy told me to just stay in my lane. Well, what is my lane as a human being? When you talk about Inside the NFL, I think this was a great platform for other guys to see and hear that they can step outside that box. Now you’re seeing guys like Josh Norman be an active player during broadcasting, and there’s more guys trying to figure out ways where they can step into the business and find their way while they’re playing. I think the reason why that’s important is because right now, we have an amazing platform.”

A platform that Marshall knows won’t be there forever.

“A lot of people will take our calls right now and give us a seat at the table, but when we retire, they don’t care,” Marshall said. “They don’t care. They’re looking for the next guy. I just think it’s important for guys, while they’re playing, to figure out what they’re doing and try to immerse themselves in it when they can.”

Marshall, who signed a two-year deal with the Giants in March, was also asked about former teammate Jay Cutler, with whom he played in Denver and Chicago. Cutler, 34, retired after 11 seasons to join FOX Sports as a broadcaster.

Cutler was en enigma throughout his career, as many people believed he had all the talent in the world but never quite put it together.

Why was that?

“One thing I will say about Jay is when we were in Denver, he was one of the most competitive players I’ve ever been around, one of the most talented guys,” Marshall said. “One of the things that we got to realize is it’s almost like every single year Jay had a different quarterback coach and was in a different offense – and he wasn’t the well-protected quarterback. He was probably one of the most-hit quarterbacks in the last 10 years. So it wasn’t an easy journey for him. I’m disappointed that he never reached his full potential, retiring. But everybody is different. I definitely thought that Jay could have been one of the greats. He had so much ability and he’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever been around.”

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