Get ready, sports fans. Legalized sports betting could be coming to a casino near you.

The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to hear an appeal that would legalize sports betting at casinos and racetracks in New Jersey. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of New Jersey, other states may attempt to change their gambling rules as well. In fact, the New Jersey case will test the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which, in 1992, banned sports betting in 46 of 50 states.

The NFL has long opposed a repeal of the federal ban, but times, well, they’re a-changing.

“I’m smiling ear to ear – and by the way, we just voted 31-1 to allow you to move to Las Vegas,” CBS Sports Network NFL analyst Amy Trask said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I think some of the rules associated not just with the NFL but in general with businesses and gambling are antiquated. And when the topic of the Raiders possibly moving to Vegas first emerged, I noted at that time that the league rules associated with gambling really are, as I said, antiquated. Thirty, 40 years ago, if you wanted to gamble in this country, you went to Las Vegas. Or you went to Atlantic City. Now anyone with cellular or Internet connectivity can gamble from any place they want.”



And did we mention that the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas? And what about London?

“The league has been playing games in London for quite some time,” Trask said. “Well, there is far, far greater legalized gambling in London than there is in Las Vegas. So it’s sort of crazy (for the league) to say ‘Yes, we’ll play in London (and Las Vegas), but we have this aversion (to gambling).’ So I do think we’ll see the league rules evolve over time and loosen up. I am fascinated. I can’t wait to see what the Supreme Court does with that case.”

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