Well, it’s July, and Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent. There are many theories as to why, depending on one’s perspective.

But Takeo Spikes isn’t buying the he’s-not-good-enough nonsense.

“I find it to be a problem if people think – or other analysts get up and say – ‘Well, there’s no market for him,’” the former NFL Linebacker said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I’m like, ‘Really? Where do you get your credentials from if you think there’s not a market for him?’”



Kaepernick, who once started a Super Bowl, had 18 touchdowns (16 passing, two rushing) and four interceptions in 12 games for San Francisco last season. Those numbers aren’t bad, especially given how awful the Niners were (they finished with the worst record in the NFC).

“Now let’s be honest: He’s not coming into anybody’s team this late to be your starting quarterback. That’s being Captain Obvious,” Spikes said. “But for somebody to say there’s not a market for him – I look at all the other quarterbacks that were on the block (at the) same time, and they have been signed and picked up. I look at their body of work over the past few previous years compared to Colin Kaepernick.”

There’s Brian Hoyer, who signed a two-year, $12-million contract with San Francisco.

“I look at Brian Hoyer. I actually still have faith in Brian Hoyer,” Spikes said. “I like Brian Hoyer. I just think he was put in some bad positions or put on bad teams and didn’t have enough (skill) around him to be able to really highlight his talents.”

After Hoyer, though, who’s left?

There’s Josh McCown, who signed a one-year, $6-million deal with the Jets. McCown, 38, is 2-22 over the last 24 games in which he’s played, dating back to 2014.

There’s Matt Barkley, who signed a two-year, $4-million contract with the Niners. Barkley threw 14 interceptions in seven games for Chicago last season.

There’s Mark Sanchez, who signed a one-year, $2-million deal with the Bears. Sanchez attempted just 18 passes last season in Dallas – and threw two interceptions.

There’s Geno Smith, who signed a one-year, $1.2-million deal with the Giants.

“We all know about Geno,” Spikes said.

And there’s Case Keenum, who signed a one-year, $2-million deal with the Vikings. Keenum has 24 touchdowns and 20 interceptions in 26 career games.

So yeah.

“So when people say there’s not a market for (Kaepernick), no, there’s a market for him,” Spikes said. “That’s the reason why they pay quarterbacks all of the money – because there’s not enough good ones out there. The problem is that I truly believe owners believe that he will be bad for their business, and they don’t want the political views coming in and clouding what they’re doing as far as their brand, which is NFL football. I truly believe that. I think that’s the bottom line.”

Kaepernick, Spikes said, must somehow convince decision-makers to give him a chance.

“(He needs to say), ‘Hey, this is what I want to do. I want to play and focus,’” Spikes explained. “‘But at the same time, you have to understand I’m a person, too. So me just talking about my views has nothing to do (with football). I’m not trying to come into a locker room and separate a locker room with my views. I’m just letting you know this is where I stand, and I’m not going to stray away from it.’”

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