Vic Dibitetto loves his fans, which is why he often goes above and beyond the call of comedic duty for them. After shows, he’ll sign autographs, shake hands, take pictures – he’ll do it all.

“No comic does what I do for my fans,” Dibitetto said in studio on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I go all out. I’m the working-class comedian. I’m not clever like Seinfeld, I’m not rich like Ray Romano, but there’s a nerve that I strike. It comes back to you when you’re nice to your fans. Don’t get me wrong: I got my haters. But that’s a good sign – because without haters, we don’t have winners.”



Dibitetto, not surprisingly, has been asked to autograph some interesting items. After a show in Long Island, for example, a man asked Dibitetto to autograph his wife’s, well, we’ll just call it chest.

Dibitetto’s wife, who was with him when the request was made, wasn’t happy about it, so Dibitetto was unable to oblige.

But he wanted to.

“Yeah, I felt bad,” Dibitetto joked. “I like to fulfill my fans’ requests. Look, I’ll sign anything. I sign baseballs, I sign shirts – what’s wrong with signing a body part? I just wish my wife would understand and grow up sometimes.”

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