Carmelo Anthony is reportedly interested in playing for Cleveland or Houston, which would end his drama-filled tenure in New York.

Whether the Knicks can find a deal to facilitate a trade, however, remains to be seen.

“I don’t see how he goes to Cleveland on a trade,” NBA Radio host and Forbes and Sporting News NBA writer Mitch Lawrence said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “I don’t think they have the assets to make a deal with the Knicks. He could go to Cleveland, though, maybe on a buy-out situation, which would be later in the season, to go out to join LeBron James. I’ve been saying for, it seems like years now, that should be his No. 1 move. Just get to wherever LeBron is because you’re guaranteed of going to a Finals in the East.”



James has played in seven consecutive NBA Finals. Houston, meanwhile, hasn’t reached the Finals since 1995.

“The connection is Chris Paul,” Lawrence said. “(Anthony is) tight with (Paul), and Houston wants him even though he had problems with Mike D’Antoni and vice versa when D’Antoni was (in New York) with Carmelo. Carmelo basically dove him out. Carmelo doesn’t want to be known as a coach-killer obviously, but here’s the deal: Houston’s going to have to find a third team to get involved because if they’re going to match up salaries, which they have to do in a trade, they’d have to send the Knicks a Ryan Anderson. The Knicks are not interested in bringing in a Ryan Anderson, who has three years left on his deal, so they’re going to have to get another team involved.

“So there’s the stumbling blocks of that,” Lawrence continued. “Never say never. You could see them maybe making a trade and finding a third team. Houston obviously thinks big. They think big by bringing in Chris Paul. They have James Harden, an MVP candidate, they’re going to pay him a record salary, yet they brought in Chris Paul. Chris Paul has never played off the ball in his life, so he’ll have the ball in his hands still and the MVP (runner-up is) going to have to adjust. Can they bring in Carmelo? Yeah, that’s a possibility. I don’t know how it’s going to shake out. I still am leaning towards him joining Cleveland more than seeing a trade to the Rockets.”

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