The American League beat the National League, 2-1, in 10 innings in the MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday, as Robinson Cano hit the game-winning home run in the top of the tenth inning. The AL has now won 17 of the last 20 All-Star Games, including five straight.

Fun times.

“I’ll be honest: Most of (the game) was rather boring, but it got oddly interesting at the end,” MLB Network’s Elliott Kalb said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “I don’t know why, (but) the last inning or two or three, I found myself (thinking), ‘Hey, this is still Andrew Miller against Joey Votto. This is still a tie game in extra innings.'”



Overall, though, the game left much to be desired.

“Between NBA All-Star Games and Major League Baseball All-Star Games, this was my 27th in 28 or 29 years, and they’ve gone downhill,” Kalb said. “There’s no doubt about it. They’ve gone downhill from the last five or ten years. They didn’t play to win when there was something to play for. It’s still the best players on a stage. It was still kind of interesting at the end. But most of the game, I got to tell you, it was pretty boring.”

Kalb believes the All-Star Game should replace extra innings with a Home Run Derby.

“That’s what the fans want anyway,” Kalb said. “I think the fans would get into it, I think the players would get into it. It would be like soccer or hockey, the way they have their shootouts at the end. I think we could try that in the baseball All-Star Game. It would be fun. Sometimes you just got to try different things.”

Kalb commended baseball for having players wear microphones and for interviewing stars, including Bryce Harper, during the game. Still, the game itself lacked sizzle.

“When Bryce Harper is asking Joe Buck about Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys,” Kalb said, “you know baseball has some work to do.”

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