The Dallas Cowboys had hoped that Ezekiel Elliott, who was already under NFL investigation for allegations of domestic violence, would have a quiet, drama-free summer – and he was.

Until Sunday.

Elliott was reportedly involved in an altercation at a Dallas bar, which could lead to discipline from the league.

Dallas doesn’t open the season until Sept. 10, which gives the league plenty of time to decide what to do with Elliott, who, as a rookie, led the NFL with 1,631 rushing yards.

“A lot of times they’ll let these guys hang themselves or save themselves based on what they do over the longest period possible until we get into training camps and preseason games, but we’re not quite there yet,” CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “Certainly he’s on the naughty list. He’s someone who’s under investigation and who needs to mind every p and q.”



Unfortunately, that is not new for Elliott.

“He’s someone who – you talk to anybody who knows him well from Ohio State – he doesn’t go out necessarily maybe a night a week or two nights a week. He is perpetually in situations where things could go sideways, whether of his own provocation or not,” La Canfora said. “You go to enough raves, you go to enough night clubs, you surround yourself with enough people who might be highly inebriated, intoxicated, on whatever drug of the week, something may happen. That’s his lifestyle. Until or unless that changes, there may be occasional flare-ups that could prolong the existing disincline investigation and ultimately cost him game checks.”

Sticking in the NFC, the Carolina Panthers have fired general manager Dave Gettleman eight days before training camp. Carolina went 40-23-1 and reached a Super Bowl under Gettleman, but that wasn’t enough to save his job.

This, La Canfora said, is an example of Panthers owner Jerry Richardson flexing his muscles.

“This is a guy who’s basically fired his sons before,” La Canfora said of the 80-year-old Richardson. “He’s basically told his sons, ‘You’re not with the team anymore. I’m not leaving the franchise to you. Go find something else to do with your life.’ That’s not normal stuff.”

Carolina went 6-10 last year, this after going 15-1 and reaching the Super Bowl.

“This is Jerry Richardson at the later stages of his life trying to say, ‘Look, we’re going to win something or we’re going to lose something,'” La Canfora said, “‘and I’m going to go out doing it my own way with me more or less calling the shots.’”

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