The Washington Redskins were unable to sign Kirk Cousins to a long-term contract Monday, leading some to speculate that the quarterback may be biding his time for a year until he can play for Kyle Shananhan in San Francisco.

Is that possible?

“Probably. Either that or (Sean) McVay (in Los Angeles),” Bleacher Report NFL reporter Jason Cole said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “Look, there’s always five, six, seven teams that need a quarterback at the end of the year, so if he hits the market, great. If they transition-tag him, great. He’s still on the open market. If they franchise him, he’ll play for $34 million. That means he’ll have made $77 million in three years. I think we’ll all take that – and still be a free agent at the end of it. He’s in great shape.”



The Redskins offered Cousins a deal with $53 million guaranteed, but the 28-year-old didn’t bite – and for good reason.

“I know the $53 million guaranteed sounds like a great number, but it was really just the one-year guarantee this year at $24 (million) plus the transition tag for next year,” Cole said. “That would have been $52 (million). Then we want to tack on five years to the contract with no further guarantees. It sounds great, but it’s not what you should be getting for giving up five years of your career.”

It didn’t help that team president Bruce Allen essentially called Cousins out on Twitter and tried to make him look greedy. He also called Cousins “Kurt,” which, well, isn’t his name.

“They put it out publicly and then said his name wrong – it’s this huge slap in the face,” Cole said. “They’re trying to make the player look greedy. What kind of tone are you setting for the year? So if they’re willing to go that far, what happens if the season goes a little bit astray and they don’t play so well? You think they’re going to think twice about benching him and making him look bad and making him the fall guy for the season? No, they’ll make him the fall guy. They’re already willing to make him the fall guy.

“So this is headed down a really bad path,” Cole continued. “If I’m Kirk Cousins, it’s like, ‘Okay, I’m still betting on myself. I feel good about it. But I don’t feel like the front office has my back. Not in any way, shape or form.”

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