Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will square off in Las Vegas on Aug. 26, and all anybody wants to know is this: Does the UFC fighter have any chance against the unblemished boxer going for 50-0?

“In watching McGregor, he’s got as good a chance as anybody,” former UFC fighter and current Showtime Sports analyst Pat Miletich said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “I thought Canelo Alvarez was going to have a chance against Mayweather, and he got tooled. He got made to look stupid. But on the other hand, (an unorthodox fighter like McGregor could give Mayweather problems).”



While some analysts believe this will be a short fight, Miletich isn’t so sure.

“McGregor is a very durable guy,” he said. “He can take a shot without a doubt. He’s used to getting hit with much smaller gloves. Those things feel like bricks when you get hit with them. That means with Mayweather not knocking anyone but legitimately for over a decade, that leaves McGregor hanging around with that left hand for 12 rounds.”

McGregor won’t just dance and jab for the money grab, either. He’s going to go at Mayweather – hard.

“Boxing is a subtle game,” Miletich said. “Boxing is aerobic. Boxing and kickboxing are aerobic activities. Wrestling and grappling are anaerobic. That means you have to function with no oxygen left in your muscles. The more it can go anaerobic, the better chance (he’ll have). He’s got to put his hands on him, he’s got to push down on his arms, wear his shoulders out, move him, off-balance him, pushing with his head on his chest and off-balancing him and hitting him – things like that. It’s got to be a borderline DQ fight, in my mind. That’s the way I would be coaching him. It’s got to be a seriously rough fight.”

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