If you want a How-To Guide on how not to approach a potential free-agent signing, look no further than the Baltimore Ravens, who have made the possibility of signing Colin Kaepernick downright cringe-worthy.

“The Ravens are treating this as poorly as humanly possible,” CBS Sports senior NFL writer Will Brinson said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “This could not be more botched by Baltimore. The Ravens do not seem to understand the word optics. They did the same thing with Ray Rice. At every turn, they seemed to put the wrong foot forward or to somehow miss the giant pile of poo that was on the sidewalk and plant their foot right in the middle of it – and they’re doing it with Colin Kaepernick, too.”



The Ravens are reportedly on the fence about Kaepernick, with some in the franchise wanting to sign him while others resist. That’s fine.

But no one outside of the franchise needed to know that.

“You don’t have to tell the world you’re checking with your fans and your primary sponsors about signing Kaepernick, and you really don’t have to tell everyone you’re checking with Ray Lewis – just so Ray Lewis can spout off about it on Fox Sports 1 and then on Twitter – and then you really don’t have to issue a statement denying that the owner has an impact on it when clearly he does because he just said he’s checking with the fans and the sponsors and he asked everybody to quote ‘pray for us,’” Brinson said. “This is a debacle.”

From a football standpoint, Brinson believes that the Jets “desperately” need Kaepernick and that the 29-year-old would make them a better team. But there’s just one problem: politics.

“There’s no way in my mind that (Jets owner) Woody Johnson – the same man who had the vice president in his luxury box last year during that Colts beatdown and who is very close with the current administration, (which) has gone head-to-head publicly with Kaepernick – (would sign off on that),” Brinson said. “So I would be surprised if that was a situation where ownership is okay with it.”

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