Colin Kaepernick has accounted for 85 touchdowns (72 passing, 13 rushing) to just 30 interceptions in his NFL career, he’s played in multiple NFC Championship games, he’s started a Super Bowl, and he’s still in his 20s.

And yet, he cannot find work.

“I feel very badly about this because this guy does not appear to be a bad guy,” longtime agent Tom Reich said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “He’s done a lot of good things. What he spoke out on is worth speaking about on, but not tromping on our flag. He should have picked another mechanism because the issues that he’s talking about are real. But the flag, you don’t screw with the flag.”



But Kaepernick did. He took a knee during the anthem, and, as a result, no team wants to touch him.

“I think that there’s probably a mixed opinion,” Reich said. “I would believe there are people without question (who want no part of him), but I also believe that he deserves to have a chance to play. He’s done a lot of things to make amends, too. He spent millions of dollars.”

Scott Ferrall wonders if the NFL will be forced to give Kaepernick a shot this season once injuries and attrition kick in.

“Let me tell you this, old friend: The NFL doesn’t get forced into much of anything,” Reich said. “I think he deserves a chance. I don’t think that the NFL will get forced, but I’m just hoping that someone gives him a chance.”

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