Tiffany Thompson, who accused Ezekiel Elliott of domestic violence – an accusation that led to the NFL suspending the star running back for six games – may have a credibility battle upcoming.

According to a text exchange obtained by Yahoo! Sports, Thompson and a friend spoke in September 2016 about blackmailing Elliott with sex tapes in exchange for money for vacations and boob jobs.

Needless to say, this exchange does not paint Thompson in the best light – and it’s something that Elliott’s representation will surely focus on during his appeal.

“Because Ezekiel Elliott and Tiffany Thompson are the only people alleged to have been the first-person witnesses to the events, it boils down to he-said, she-said – and in those situations, you end up basically attacking the credibility of each other,” Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson said on CBS Sports Radio’s Reiter Than You. “When it comes to these appeals, when it comes to these investigations, each side is trying to appeal that the other person is not credible. That’s what’s happening here – because you have two people saying opposite things.”



Elliott says domestic violence did not occur. Thompson says it did.

While the aforementioned text exchange does not prove or disprove domestic violence, it does impact Thompson’s credibility. The NFL, it is worth nothing, was aware of this exchange before it issued Elliott’s six-game suspension.

“They found a text message conversation where Tiffany Thompson is discussing sex tapes she has of herself and Ezekiel Elliott and how those might be leveraged for money,” Robinson said. “Beyond that, the month before this, (in August 2016), the NFL found that she had actually registered a email account entitled ‘ezekielelliott sex vids.’ I think you’re going to see Ezekiel Elliott’s camp and the NFLPA latch onto when it comes to really going after her potential motives and also her credibility. They’re going to say, ‘Can you trust this person when you see in her own words some of the things she’s saying and doing?’”

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