Omar Benson Miller, who plays Charles Greane on Ballers, dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Monday to discuss the hit HBO series and his career, among other topics. Ballers, which premiered in 2015, stars Dwayne Johnson and centers on a group of football players, as well as their families, friends, and handlers.

Miller knew all along that the show would be a hit.

“I wasn’t concerned with it being lame because it’s HBO,” the 38-year-old said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “With that, you get what you pay for, and HBO is usually pretty good about creating high-end content. I was concerned about some other stuff, but it being the cheeseball, cornball show wasn’t at the top of the list.”



What was Miller concerned about, you ask?

“I was concerned with catching the People’s Elbow if I didn’t get along with Dwayne,” Miller joked, prompting hearty laughter from Gio and Jones. “But the show, I think it’s rounded into something better than it was when it started. I think we’ve matured as a show. It seems like people have responded really well to that, to where we’re going, the journey for the characters.”

Miller said there is a genuine camaraderie among cast members, in part because the show features several former athletes.

“They put together a really solid cast,” he said. “I had a background in sports, and this thing feels like you’re putting together a team. That’s whether you’re making a movie, a television show, your radio show, whatever – it’s a team. You got to put together the right pieces and the personalities, and I would say realistically, we got a pretty solid group of fellas. There’s a lot of guys that were actual athletes.”

That includes Donovan Carter and John David Washington.

“The cat Donovan Carter that plays Vernon Littlefield that plays for the Cowboys – he was literally fresh off the field from UCLA,” Miller said. “John David Washington was on the Rams’ practice squad for a while. We have real athletes, and I think they bring that team mentality.”

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