It’s hard to believe, but NFL RedZone, which began in 2009, is entering its ninth season.

Scott Hanson knew from the start that the show would become a cultural phenomenon.

“I’m going to say yes – and I know people say that’s revisionist history and whatnot, but I’m going to back it up with facts,” the NFL RedZone host said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “Later on this week or perhaps next week, I’m going to tweet out the first 60 seconds of the first NFL RedZone (broadcast from) nine years ago. In that first 60 seconds, my first on-camera (segment), I said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first moments of the channel that we hope and we think will change the way you watch football forever.’”



The best part? Hanson truly believed that.

“I was not saying that in pure hyperbole,” he said. “I was saying that based upon this: I’m an NFL fan. Now, I’m a broadcaster, I’ve lived my entire professional life in and around the NFL, I love it – but I’m a fan. If I wasn’t hosting it, I’d be watching NFL RedZone. When I understood the concept and saw how we did in our first rehearsals before anyone ever saw our show, I said, ‘This is something that’s going to pop because I know the appetite for our great sport, and the way we’re going to give it to them, I think it’s going to catch on like wildfire.’ And I’ve heard that for the next nine years. Going into our ninth season, I have heard every week someone say, ‘You’ve changed the way we watch football.’ And that’s a heck of a thrill.”

Hanson, if you’re curious, dresses as comfortably as possible on Sundays.

“Sometimes our camera operators get mad at me because they want to (get) shots of the studio for the 60 seconds that I’m on camera in seven hours,” Hanson said, “but I do (wear comfortable clothes). I get to wear sneakers, I’ll wear jeans sometimes, comfortable pants, flexible waist-band – all that type of stuff. Comfort is key when you’re doing seven hours of commercial-free football.”

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