Stealing signs is a part of baseball. Stealing signs with an Apple Watch, however, is not. But that’s exactly what the Red Sox are doing.

Brian Jones, a diehard Yankees fan, wants to know if Red Sox fans can admit that their team is cheating.

“Oh, God,” two-time Super Bowl champion and Boston-area sports host Christian Fauria said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones, laughing. “Do they criticize them for their cheating? I guess technically – technically – it is (cheating) because they use an Apple Watch to basically receive text messages and speed up the process of getting the information. But I mean, come on. Really? People are trying to compare this to Deflategate or Spygate and they’re sending out all the wrong information. They’re using all the wrong facts.”



Okay, Jones said, then give us the right facts.

“The facts of what?” Fauria barked. For which gate? There’s like 100 gates now. Which one do you want.”

The Red Sox one.

“It’s pretty simple,” Fauria said. “They were getting signs from the catcher, they would send a text message to the trainer, who had the Apple Watch on, and the trainer would tell Pedroia, and Pedroia would try to signal in the call to whoever was on second base. The fact is that once you give the signal, how much time goes by before the pitcher actually releases the ball? So imagine trying to get a signal, send a text, relay that information to someone sitting next to you, then sending it out to the field – it would be easier just to yell it out to the batter or yell it out to whoever’s on second base. I’m not saying they’re not stupid and lazy.”

But isn’t this cheating?

“Listen, technically, yes,” Fauria said. “But when the commissioner comes out and says stealing signs isn’t illegal, what do you do with that? So what are we talking about? I should have started off by saying they’re lazy and stupid. I should have started off with that. Do you want me to say they’re smart and creative? No, I think the fact is everybody steals signs. You’re stupid if you don’t try to get an edge. So what are we talking about?”

But if the Red Sox cheated, shouldn’t they be punished?

“What’s the punishment?” Fauria asked. “Like $100,000?”

No, said Jones, whose Yankees (74-64) trail the Red Sox (79-61) by four games in the AL East; they should miss the playoffs.

(Jones was being facetious).

“Oh, shut up,” Fauria said, laughing. “We’re sitting there laughing about this because all these guys do is try to steal signs. That’s why the catcher keeps coming out to the mound. The stupid part with the Red Sox – and it’s been going on all year, so this is just one of many issues, including the manager. Did John Farrell even know that the trainer was involved? The fact that you’re involving a trainer, to me, is just mind-boggling to begin with. Maybe that’s just the mentality of baseball players, I don’t know, but it just seems kind of odd.”

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