If you want an opinion about a college quarterback, CBS Sports Network analyst Aaron Murray is a good person to ask. Murray, 26, starred at Georgia and knows what it takes to be an elite college QB.

Lamar Jackson? Elite. Definitely elite. In fact, Murray thinks Jackson is the most talented quarterback in college football.

As for the other quarterbacks, well, Murray has varying opinions – and not all of them are positive.

“The one that I kind of think is overrated is Josh Allen from Wyoming,” Murray said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “I think people love to throw out the word potential so much. Look at all the NFL scouts and people on TV. It’s, ‘Oh, he has so much potential, he’s a big kid, he can run.’ Turn on the film and see what he’s done. Last year, I don’t think he had an amazing year. He had a lot of problems with turnovers.”



Allen, 6-5, completed 56.0 percent of his passes for 3,203 yards, 28 touchdowns and 15 interceptions last season, as Wyoming finishing 8-6. This year, Allen has two touchdowns and two interceptions through two games: a 24-3 loss at Iowa and a 27-0 win at Gardner-Webb.

Not great.

“I think he’s getting way too much hype,” Murray said. “I think it’s all that word potential, which I just hate. I want you to show me what you can do. Yeah, you can be great, you can look pretty, and you can throw a ball 70 yards. But can you go out there and get some completions from me? I’m not saying he’s not a good quarterback, but I think all the love and saying maybe he’s the first pick in the draft, I think that’s way too high for sure.”

In other news, Murray weighed in on Baker Mayfield’s decision to plant Oklahoma’s flag at midfield following the Sooners’ 31-16 win over the Buckeyes in Columbus on Saturday. Mayfield later apologized for his antics.

“I’m sure he apologized because he got a little bit of grief (from the coaches), but I have no problems with it at all,” Murray said. “I love watching this kid play. The passion he has, the emotion he has, it’s fun. He makes the game fun to watch the way he goes out there and leads his team. You can’t complain the way he’s been able to play these first two weeks. The kid’s been on fire.”

Mayfield has completed 83.6 percent of his passes for 715 yards, six touchdowns and zero interceptions this season, as No. 2 Oklahoma (2-0) looks like a legitimate national-title contender.

“He made (Ohio State) look pretty bad in that second half of the game Saturday night, so I’m all for it,” Murray said, referencing the flag-plant. “I love the passion. I love the energy. I don’t think he needed to apologize. I think it was a thing that coach kind of brought him in and probably made him do that come media time.”

Oklahoma (2-0) hosts Tulane (1-1) this Saturday at 6 p.m. ET, while Wyoming (1-1) hosts Oregon (2-0) at 7 p.m. ET.

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