Cam Newton apologized via social media Thursday night for the “extremely degrading and disrespectful” comment that he made to a female sports reporter Wednesday. Newton’s original comment – that it was “funny” to hear a woman ask him about routes – went viral, and he lost his sponsorship with Dannon as a result. Hopefully for Newton, his apology goes a long way in mending fences.

After all, this was a situation that only he could make right.

“The locker room I came up in in New England, one thing we were taught early is if a situation doesn’t concern you (or have anything to do with you), then you shouldn’t speak about it in the media,” three-time Super Bowl champion and NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest said on CBS Sports Radio’s Reiter Than You. “It’s up to that person to have to deal with that and go out and make a statement or do whatever he needs to do. As far as a teammate goes, we tried to hold each other accountable. He’s definitely a leader and one of the (more) polarizing players on that team and in the league. When you’re a role model to so many kids and young players, you got to be mindful of what you say, especially when it comes to situations like that. You got to use better judgment.”



McGinest doesn’t think Newton was trying to be offensive; it was just the wrong joke at the wrong time – and it was in poor taste in any setting.

“I don’t think he said it in a malicious way,” McGinest said, “but at the same time, you have to think before you make statements like that because people take it a certain way and the way it comes out is impactful. Women have come a long way in learning the sport of football not just as a reporter, but in general. The NFL does a great job of holding camps and these clinics to teach moms and women football. In the last decade, their knowledge of the game has grown. There are a lot of capable women in powerful positions in the NFL, whether it’s production, whether it’s in actual football, whether it’s breaking down football, analyzing football – I could keep going.

“So you got to be mindful of that and really understand and not make statements like that,” McGinest continued. “It was poor taste on his part. I’m sure he regrets it, but did he mean to hurt her? I’m not sure. I doubt it. Hopefully he learns from it and it never happens again.”

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