New York Jets tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins scored a fourth-quarter touchdown against the New England Patriots in a pivotal AFC East showdown Sunday.

Only he didn’t.

Tony Corrente overturned the touchdown, saying Seferian-Jenkins did not have possession of the ball. He then awarded the Patriots a touchback.

Did Corrente and his crew get this call right?


“They got it wrong,” FOX Sports rules official Mike Pereira said on CBS Sports Radio’s Reiter Than You. “We have spent two days looking at this play trying to find something that was clear and obvious that could lead to a reversal – and we just don’t see it. I think it’s pretty fascinating that the people that are looking at it is the guy that was making the decisions last year, Dean Blandino, and the guy that was partly involved in making decisions before Dean, which is me. There’s just nothing that we can find that is clear to overturn it.”



Corrente said that Seferian-Jenkins “lost the ball on his way to the ground . . . and had to re-grasp,” which means it’s “a loose ball.”

“One thing that is clear: He did lose the ball,” Pereira said. “You can see the ball come out of his hands. But then he does appear, it seems, (to get) it back. It seems that the left knee is the first thing that touches in-bounds, and it seems that he maintains control when he hits the ground. Once you do lose control like he did, now it almost becomes like a pass. When you hit the ground, you have to survive the ground – and if the ball comes out, then you do not have possession. But it didn’t happen. He rolled over with the ball. The ball (moving) is not loss of possession.

“Honestly, we tried all the way until noon today looking at the video again – Dean and I did – trying to say, ‘Where could they come up with this?’ And we don’t get it,” Pereira continued. “If replay is only supposed to change calls that are made on the field when the evidence to do so is clear and obvious, it doesn’t compute in this play.”

The Jets (3-3), who lost 24-17, play the Dolphins (3-2) in Miami this Sunday. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. ET.

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