Anthony Barr sent a stake through the hearts of Packers fans everywhere Sunday, driving Aaron Rodgers into the ground and breaking 12’s collarbone in the process.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was not happy about it. He called Barr’s hit “totally unnecessary.”

Was it?

“No. I mean, could he have eased up a bit? Yeah, probably, I suppose. But If I was the referee there, I would not have thrown a flag,” Packers Report’s Bill Huber said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “I know McCarthy took exception to it. I know Mike Zimmer thought it was fine. I know Pereira and Blandino said it was fine. I’m intended to go that way. I think maybe he could have let up, but shoot, it’s football. It’s football. You hit someone. But I didn’t think it was bad. It’s not like Barr picked him up and thew him on the ground. He tackled him. It’s a football play.”



Brett Hundley was inserted in Rodgers’ absence. He threw three interceptions and the Packers lost, 23-10, to fall to 4-2 – and into a tie with the Vikings (4-2) in the NFC North.

Where the Pack go from here, nobody knows.

“I think Brett Hundley gives them a chance,” Huber said. “They ended up winning a couple games with Matt Flynn back in 2013. Hundley is a better player than Flynn was. Hundley has been here for three years. Just because Hundley hasn’t done it doesn’t mean he can’t do it. He is a super-talented guy. He can throw it, he can run, he’s intelligent, he’s competitive, he works hard – he’s got everything you want. So I think they got a chance. But if you’re going to throw a new quarterback in there, you would like to have some semblance of help, and their offensive line is a disaster. They’re all hurt. This seems like an uphill battle for anybody, nevermind a quarterback who’s never started.”

At the same time, though, the NFC – and the entire NFL – isn’t exactly full of worldbeaters. Heck, most division leaders have been solid one week, atrocious the next.

“It’s true,” Huber said. “Atlanta lost to Miami. Dallas has (given) away a couple games. The Jaguars look great one week and then they lose to the Rams. The Steelers look horrible one week and they beat the Chiefs on Sunday. Who knows? I guess the Packers have a decent chance. Because other than the Eagles, I don’t know if anybody in the NFC is worth a crap. If you can just get to the dance, who knows? If Hundley plays the way they think he can, maybe they’ll be okay. All they have to do is be one of the last six in December.”

The Packers host the Saints (3-2) this Sunday at Lambeau. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. ET.

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