The 2016 World Series was one of the best ever, with Chicago and Cleveland authoring a seven-game thriller and the Cubs ultimately ending a 108-year championship drought.

Well, get ready. Because a potential Yankees/Dodgers World Series could be even better – at least in terms of ratings.

“Boy, I really do think it could,” former MLB GM and current MLB Network Radio host Steve Phillips said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “You’re talking about two of the biggest media markets, (which is) certainly a big part of the factor there. The Cleveland part of that equation last year is probably the reason why, just because of the size of the market.



“So yeah, I do,” Phillips continued. “I think the Yankees/Dodgers World Series would out-rate what the Cubs did. Even though it was a historic turn of events in finally breaking a curse, I do. I think the Dodgers/Baby Bombers and what they would bring into the mix with this Dodgers team that (had) baseball’s best record all season long could certainly out-rate that.”

The Dodgers lead the Cubs 3-0 in the NLCS, this after wining Game 3, 6-1, on Tuesday. The Yankees, meanwhile, knotted the ALCS at 2-2 after taking Games 3 and 4 against Houston in the Bronx. Both series resume Wednesday, with Astros/Yankees and Dodgers/Cubs beginning at 5:08 and 9:01 ET, respectively.

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