Kirk Cousins threw for 303 yards and three touchdowns in a losing effort Monday night, as Washington fell, 34-24, in Philadelphia.

It’s been a solid season for Cousins. He’s completed 68.2 percent of his passes for 1,637 yards, 12 touchdowns and three interceptions for Washington (3-3), and yet he is without a long-term contract. Why is that?

“I’m not sure,” Washington tight end Vernon Davis said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “I’m not sure what the temperature is between the upper management and Kirk. I know they love him. I know that for sure. They love him, they appreciate him, but we understand what the business is. As a team, you have to make a proper decision based on who you’re going to keep around, who you want and who you like. I’m sure Kirk understands it, too, but eventually either the Redskins or someone is going to sign him long-term. Hopefully it’s the Redskins because I’m a Kirk Cousins fan. I love him. I think he’s fantastic.”



In fact, Davis believes that Cousins, who has 76 touchdowns (66 pass, 10 rush) over his last 38 games, is an elite NFL quarterback.

“I think he’s a superstar,” Davis said. “A lot of people might say he’s very good right now, but even if he’s very good, I think he’s on pace to be a superstar, in my humble opinion. I feel like he has all the tangibles that it takes to be a great quarterback. He’s studying. He minimizes himself in the locker room – kind of what Peyton Manning used to do. He’s a leader. When it comes to football, he takes charge, he’s very, very positive, he leads each and every day – you want that. I feel like he’s only going to get better. Right now, he’s just putting all the work in that he needs to put in to take those proper steps. He’s fantastic. He’s great. He’s an outstanding quarterback, in my opinion.”

Davis, 33, is in his second season in Washington. He has 15 catches for 292 yards and a touchdown this year and is averaging a league-high 19.5 yards per reception.

He has enjoyed his time with the Redskins, especially playing for Jay Gruden.

“Jay Gruden is probably one of my all-time favorite coaches,” Davis said. He’s the best, man. I look forward to getting up in the morning and going to the facility to see Jay Gruden because I know that he’s going to be full of energy. He’s always positive, he’s just fun to be around – he’s awesome.”

Washington hosts Dallas (3-3) this Sunday at 4:25 p.m. ET.

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