Through Week 4, the Denver Broncos looked like one of the best teams in the NFL. They were 3-1, with the lone loss coming at Buffalo.

Then the bye week happened. Denver (3-3) has since lost back-to-back games to the Giants and Chargers, scoring just 10 points in the process.

What has happened to the Broncos?

“I’m just trying to figure out what they did during their bye week,” Hall of Fame running back Terrell Davis said on CBS Sports Radio’s Reiter Than You. “They went to the bye week and they looked like one of the best teams in football. They come out of their bye week and they lose to the Giants and get embarrassed by the Chargers.”



The Broncos lost, 21-0, to the Chargers this past Sunday, rushing 19 times for just 69 yards (3.6 yards per carry).

“Offensively, they’ve got to be more effective running the ball and being a team that can sort of dictate the terms,” Davis said. “If they can do that, it gives them more options when it comes to play-action passes and the quarterback can be more efficient. Because right now what they’re doing, they’re putting a lot of pressure on that defense. And that defense is elite, but you can’t keep asking defenses to hold teams to 10 points and think you’re going to win games like that. The offense has to contribute.”

Indeed, the Broncos rank ninth in the league in scoring defense (19.7 points allowed per game) but rank 24th in scoring offense (18.0 points per game).

Overall, though, John Elway has done a fantastic job guiding the franchise. The Broncos have played in two Super Bowls – and won one – under his executive watch.

“I’m not shocked,” Davis said. “You see John is a super-competitive guy and then you see that he obviously has football running though his blood (and) he can’t get away from it. I see him around and talk to him, and man, he’s just as competitive as a GM as he was a player. He has a very good eye for talent. I think people look at ex-players sometimes and that’s sometimes the hardest part, is trying to evaluate somebody. You know how good you were as a player, and if you draft a quarterback, are you expecting him to be like you or are you expecting him to be the best version he can be and try to make him a decent quarterback? But John’s done a great job. I’m proud of him. He seems to be doing a lot better than most people thought he would do.”

The Broncos have a pivotal AFC West showdown upcoming, as they take on the Chiefs (5-2) in Kansas City on Monday Night Football.

“That’s a tough place (to win),” Davis said, “but they got find a way to win.”

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