With the College Football Playoff committee unveiling its first set of rankings Tuesday night, CBS Sports Network college football analyst Corey Chavous dropped by CBS Sports Radio to give his personal top four. Chavous, who played in the NFL from 1998 to 2008, has Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, and Wisconsin in his top four.

Brian Jones, for one, doesn’t understand how Chavous could have one-loss Ohio State ahead of one-loss Oklahoma, especially since Oklahoma beat Ohio State, 31-16, in Columbus in Week 2. Plus, Oklahoma’s loss to Iowa State doesn’t seem as damaging, as the No. 14 Cyclones (6-2) also beat TCU, giving them two top-five wins this season.

“I know Iowa State beat TCU and I like Iowa State a lot, but I just wonder how much credence people are going to put on Iowa State,” Chavous said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “I guess maybe they’re ranked pretty high because of the wins they’ve had over two top-five opponents. I guess your point is valid: Oklahoma could go up and sneak in. But I don’t know. I still feel like Ohio State (is better). I guess it was such a blowout. I don’t have a perfect formula. I think (the Big 12 is) going to maybe play themselves out of it because they decided to add the conference championship game.”



Or because every team in the Big 12 already has one loss. No. 8 Oklahoma (7-1), No. 10 TCU (7-1) and No. 11 Oklahoma State (7-1) will further cannibalize each other over the next two weeks.

As for the Big Ten, Chavous isn’t convinced Penn State’s 39-38 loss at Ohio State will hurt the Nittany Lions all that much.

“It was pretty close for me between Penn State and Ohio State,” Chavous said. “Even though they lost to Ohio State, I still think that Penn State will get strong consideration just because of some of the dominance of their wins. I think (what will hurt them) is just how close the Iowa game was for Penn State.”

Penn State beat Iowa, 21-19, on the final play of the game Sept. 23. The Nittany Lions face No. 24 Michigan State (6-2) in East Lansing this Saturday at 12 p.m. ET.

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