CBS Sports legal analyst Amy Dash dropped by CBS Sports Radio to make sense of the latest news surrounding Ezekiel Elliott, whose injunction request was denied by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday.

Elliott, who is second in the league with 783 rushing yards, is ineligible to play this Sunday against Atlanta. His next hearing is slated for Dec. 1, meaning he would miss four games before his next court date.

As Dash explained, the back and forth between the NFL and NFLPA has less to do with Elliott and more to do with establishing precedent.

“It becomes about what is the power of Roger Goodell,” Dash said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “What is the scope of his powers under the collective bargaining agreement, and can the NFL conduct criminal investigations and label people criminals when the criminal justice system has not? Because don’t forget: This is a public forum. Yes, he’s a football player employed by the NFL, but he’s also a public figure performing before millions of people, so he is being essentially, in my opinion, prosecuted in the court of public opinion.”



The lines for Elliott are far more blurred than they were for, say, Ray Rice.

“It’s totally different from a Ray Rice video where you’ve got a video of him sucker-punching someone,” Dash said. “Totally different. So this is going to be about where we draw the line, or does the collective bargain agreement rule all even in these extreme situations?”

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