Georgia’s showdown with Auburn this past Saturday brought back a lot of memories for former Dawgs quarterback and current CBS Sports college football analyst Aaron Murray. It also brought back a lot of memories for his mother, Lauren Murray.

Not many of them were positive.

Lauren took to Facebook on Friday to post about her disdain for Auburn, which stems from the 2010 game when Murray suffered an array of injuries due to “cheap, dirty, illegal shots” that “amounted to a fractured sternum, 8 stitches under his chin, whip lash . . . and . . . a (leg) contusion.”

“As Aaron was squirming on the field in pain, surrounded by medical staff, the Auburn fans were on their feet cheering while (Nick Fairley) strutted around like a peacock getting accolades and cheers from adults, students, parents and coaches. My disdain for Auburn has not lessened, I’m still bitter!”



Murray was asked if he dislikes Auburn as much as his mother does.

“No,” Murray said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones, prompting laughter from Gregg Giannotti and Brian Jones. “Listen, I do dislike Auburn, but as you guys said before I jumped on, the analyst hat has to come on. You got to be real with what exactly is going on in the world of college football when it comes to picking teams and breaking it down.”

Murray and his mother both hoped Georgia would beat Auburn at Jordan-Hare on Saturday. Instead, Auburn overcame an early 7-0 deficit, reeled off 30 straight points and won 40-17.

To add insult to injury, Fairley was in attendance Saturday and served as Auburn’s honorary captain.

Murray had no problem with his mother’s post.

“Usually I’m saying, ‘Mom, take it down,’” he said. “But honestly, I read it over, I thought it was well-written. I don’t think it was anything too bad. It was just giving a mother’s perspective on how she felt during the game when all the chippiness and late hits and celebrations and all the craziness was going on. I fully endorsed it. It was funny. My Twitter was blowing up all day Friday and Saturday with Auburn fans and Georgia fans going back and forth about the comments. It obviously did not work out too well for the Dawgs, but it’s college football for you. The fan bases, especially in the SEC, that’s what makes it more special than any other conference. The fans are just so invested in the players and the coaches and the teams and the tradition. It just makes it fun every week. The fans are so passionate.”

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