You want college football chaos? Well, Brian Jones was up to the task.

The Gio and Jones co-host painted an improbable scenario in which No. 24 Michigan (8-2) beats No. 5 Wisconsin (10-0) in Madison this Saturday, beats No. 9 Ohio State (8-2) in Ann Arbor next Saturday, backdoors its way into the Big Ten Championship, and beats a highly ranked Badgers squad once again.

If all of that were to happen, could Michigan make the playoff?

“I hadn’t thought of that. That’s a good one. That’s the Big Ten version of Auburn, beating these teams down the stretch,” national college football writer Dennis Dodd said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “Auburn would be coming from No. 6; Michigan would be coming from No. 24 (if it beats) these ranked teams down the stretch. Unless in that scenario they somehow Notre Dame at 10-2, but Michigan at 11-2, having beaten three ranked teams down the stretch like that, I think you’d have to give them consideration.”



Especially if things fall a certain way.

“The SEC has a spot, I think,” Dodd said. “I think the Big 12 has a spot because I believe Oklahoma is going to win out. The ACC has a spot, but that’s going to eliminate a team, so that means there’s going to be one opening in the top four. Could it be No. 24 Michigan? That’s a good one.”

Michigan lost at home to Michigan State, 14-10, on Oct. 7 and lost at Penn State, 42-13, on Oct. 21.

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