The Seahawks lost 34-31 to the Falcons on Monday, as Blair Walsh missed a potential game-tying 52-yard field goal at the end of regulation.

Walsh’s miss – and the margin of defeat – were magnified by Pete Carroll’s decision to run a fake field goal at the end of the first half. With seven seconds left in the second quarter, Walsh lined up for a 35-yard field goal. Only the Seahawks called a fake, asking tight end Luke Willson to scamper 17 yards for a touchdown.

It didn’t work.

“I’m miffed by it,” KOMO-TV Seattle Sports Director Mike Ferreri said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “If you had run that play with (J.D.) McKissic, maybe I get it because he’s got some speed, but I’m faster than Luke Willson – and I’m not fast. So I can’t figure that part out. But what Pete Carroll said was they saw something on tape that led them to believe if they could block the nose guard and break Luke upfield 17 yards, that would have been a touchdown. I can’t quite see it.”



The Seahawks (6-4) lost their second straight home game, once again by a field goal. They lost to Washington, 17-14, on Nov. 5.

“It’s kind of a maddening coaching staff,” Ferreri said. “It was against the Redskins that they pulled out that same play that they lost Super Bowl XLIX on for a two-point conversion. They just do goofy things sometimes. Would you just retire that play? Would you just never, ever do it again? There’s just something about it. It’s got some bad voodoo to it. Get rid of that.”

Ferreri will never understand the fake field goal. Even if Willson got a first down, there would only be time to run one more play, maybe. It was basically all-or-nothing.

And the Seahawks got nothing.

“I don’t think you should be gambling in the NFL,” Ferreri said. “Take the three points before the half. He didn’t really have a long explanation about it. It was just that they saw something and wanted to try it. Maybe try that when you’re up 40-7, but not when it’s that close.”

The Seattle running game was also once again non-existent. The Seahawks haven’t had a 100-yard rusher all season, and Russell Wilson has been their leading rusher in three of the last four games. He had seven carries for 86 yards and a score against Atlanta – while also finishing 26-of-42 for 258 yards, two touchdowns and an interception in the passing game.

Thus, Wilson was asked to make a play 49 times Monday. That’s a lot to ask of a quarterback.

“It baffles me that they just can’t get dialed in at running back since Marshawn Lynch left,” Ferreri said. “I look at some other teams, and they got it figured out. Why is it so hard? What’s wrong? John Schneider travels the country looking at football games in college all weekend in the fall. Why is it so hard to find an impact running back? C.J. Prosise was terrific, but he was a china doll. He can’t stay on the field. And the whole Eddie Lacy thing, what is going on there? It’s been a bad offensive line to run behind.”

Seattle will face the 49ers (1-9) on the road this Sunday. Kickoff is at 4:05 p.m. ET.

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