The New York Giants fired head coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese on Monday, this after an embarrassing season on and off the field that led to Geno Smith replacing Eli Manning as the starting quarterback – at least for one week.

Yes, McAdoo and Reese may have lost their jobs anyway – that’s what happens when you go 2-10 – but the Manning fiasco didn’t help matters.

“The benching of Eli Manning, the anger from media, from fans, from former players, the perception of them being this clueless group of leaders who somehow weren’t getting their plans straight – I think all the noise, at some point John Mara just said, ‘Enough. This is ridiculous. I know I have to make a change. We may as well just do it right now,’” SNY NFL insider Ralph Vacchiano said on Tiki and Tierney. “I don’t know that I’ve ever seen the Giants portrayed in the way they have been the last couple of weeks.”



McAdoo, 40, went 13-15 in two seasons with the Giants. His replacement is yet to be determined.

“There’s no obvious candidate that’s sitting out there – somebody that fits the kind of things that John Mara likes,” Vacchiano said. “He prefers a guy with ties to the Giants, somebody that he knows. He prefers somebody who’s got NFL experience. He prefers somebody who’s been a head coach – and maybe failed his first time around so he can have something to prove as he come to the Giants. All those boxes were checked off by Tom Coughlin a few years ago. All those boxes were actually checked off by Steve Spagnuolo, the interim coach, but I don’t think they can possibly sell him as the next guy. So this is going to be a wide-open search. I think they’re open to anything.”

Brandon Tierney wondered if the Giants might make a play for Jim Harbaugh, but Vacchiano doesn’t see it.

“I would be surprised if they brought in a really strong outside personality like a Harbaugh,” he said. “I would be really surprised if it’s a (Sean) McVay type – a 30-something assistant with no experience at all.”

While the coaching staff and front office remain up in the air, the Giants also have uncertainty at quarterback. Manning turns 37 in January, and the Giants will have a top pick in a quarterback-heavy draft.

Is it possible that Manning play elsewhere in 2018?

“I think it’s possible,” Vacchiano said. “Anybody who talks to him or knows him said the emotions are so raw, Eli’s not going to make a decision right now. I’ve heard that he might be willing to waive his no-trade clause to go somewhere else. He might be willing to play somewhere else. He’s made it clear he wants to play. Ideally, he would play with the Giants, (but) I don’t get the sense that he would wan to come in and compete for his job after all he’s done for the franchise. I don’t think he’d want to come in and be a place-holder knowing that Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen next year will be in by Week 4 or 5.”

Whatever happens, Vacchiano expects Odell Beckham Jr. to be a Giant for the foreseeable future – even if he has to wait on a long-term contract.

“I do think that given his injury and some of the turmoil around the franchise at the moment, they’re going to be more cautious about a contract extension than they would have been,” Vacchiano said. “Maybe that just means letting him play out his fifth-year option next year, but from everything I’ve heard, they believe he is part of this future. They think he can mature. You don’t find players like that easily, so I don’t think they want to give him up.”

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