Actor and comedian Jim Breuer dropped by Gio and Jones on Tuesday to discuss his life and career, among other topics, as well as his happiness.

“I had a defining moment – which, I’m really enjoying all my decisions of late,” Breuer said in studio. “I like going to bed going, ‘Yeah, I’m going to wake up in the morning feeling really good. I got nothing worry about.’ What I mean by that is when I was on SNL, I was really taken aback. When you see the other side of the curtain – not the cast members and all that, but other Hollywood (types) coming in – you’re like, ‘How does the public have zero clue that this exists? How does this person get away with that? And how does this one get away with that?’ And the cutthroat and the mean and you’ll do anything to get to the top – I’ll use the word traumatizing. It was very traumatizing.”

Breuer, 50, starred on Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 1998. Afterward, he and his wife, Dee, decided to start a family.

“She talked me off the ledge a lot,” Breuer said. “As time moves on now – and when you deal with things like morality or someone gets sick in the family and you get that earthquake in life – all that journey, what I have now, I have three kids in private school. We’ve traveled every continent. Life is good. Life is good.”



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