As the New York Giants move on from Ben McAdoo, they may be confronted with a harsh reality in the coming weeks and months: coaching the G-Men, at least right now, is not a desirable endeavor.

“No, I don’t (think it is),” CBS Sports senior NFL writer Will Brinson said on The DA Show. “I think it’s interesting that the Giants are just blindly considered a blue-blood job that’s great. Packers, Steelers, Giants: proud franchises with a history of tradition, patient and virtuous in their football-roster-building. All right, you just fired a coach (12) games into the season after he won 11 games last year and went to the playoffs. Maybe pump the brakes on that. You ran Tom Coughlin out after he won two Super Bowls. I don’t know. Maybe pump the brakes on this whole patient-roster-building thing.”



The Giants will have missed the playoffs in five of the last six seasons and are approaching a franchise fork in the road, as Eli Manning turns 37 in January.

“I think there is an opportunity here for the Giants to revert course,” Brinson said. “Credit John Mara for saying they were spiraling out of control, things were getting in a bad spot – and they were. The Giants had lost their identity. They were acting in a Jets-y way. Over the last 24 months, the Giants have been a lot closer to the Jets, and the Jets have been a lot closer to the Giants. Facts are facts.

“But I think what you have here is a real opportunity to strike in a positive manner,” Brinson continued. “I’ll be very curious to see how it plays out because the names you hear associated – Josh McDaniels and Nick Caserio (from New England) – you can’t ask for a better pedigree. You can’t ask for better grooming. I know Josh McDaniels flamed out with Denver, but I think he’ll be a good coach the second time around.”

Brinson believes the Giants will likely hire a general manager before a head coach and that Dave Gettleman is a desirable option. Gentleman’s tenure in Carolina didn’t end well, but he was the architect of the Panthers’ Super Bowl run in 2015.

“I wouldn’t be stunned if Gettleman, who was the director of pro personnel with the Giants before he took the Carolina job, ended up being a guy that they brought back to New York,” Brinson said. “That gives you a little bit of transition. It would allow you to potentially open up a situation where Eli Manning stays on, maybe put some talent around him, maybe keep making a little bit of a run here with this semi-nucleus they have, and if they did that, I think you could get a coach in there who maybe works with Eli, works with Gettleman, (and gets) on the same page. I don’t mind that route.

“But I do think that this job – when you look at the situation they have from a cap-space perspective and a young-talent perspective and a quarterback perspective – it’s not the best job in the world,” Brinson continued. “If the Eagles opened up right now and the Giants were open at the same time, the Eagles would be a vastly superior job because of all the young talent that they have on the roster. The Giants are in an opposite position. They have Odell Beckham not under contract, Landon Collins not under contract, they signed a bunch of older dudes in free agency two years ago, Eli Manning is coming to the end of his run, and you have a tricky situation with him and his contract. It’s just not a great job as much as sort of history tells us it should be.”

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