Illegal hits and suspensions have been taking over the NFL headlines the past couple of weeks. One of the hits that stood out was Rob Gronkowski’s very late, unnecessary hit on the Bills’ Tre’Davious White, while he was already on the ground, and very much after the play was over.

The Patriots tight end received a one-game suspension, but should it have been more?

“Absolutely,” said former NFL linebacker Chad Brown on The D.A. Show. “I think there needs to be a clear line between something that happens in the course of a football play versus something that nothing to do with football. Of course, Gronk happened on the football field and he was retaliating for some things that happened on the football field, but that was after the play. It had nothing to do with the scope of a football play.


“The crap that Gronk pulled, the crap that Talib and Crabtree got in a couple of weeks ago…that has nothing to do with a football play. I think that should be fined and the suspension as far as games should be at a much higher level that anything that occurs during a football play.”

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