The Philadelphia Eagles clinched the NFC East with a shootout win over the Rams Sunday, 43-35. They improved to 11-2 on the season and were looking well on their way to being a contender to win the NFC. Then, everything changed as MVP candidate Carson Wentz was hit awkwardly on his knee, and reports are saying it could potentially be a torn ACL.

If so, the Eagles will be without their star young quarterback for the rest of the reason. 28-year-old Nick Foles takes over for Wentz, and Foles has played in big games in Philly before, which includes the playoffs in 2013.

“I do like the fact that Nick Foles has some played in some big games,” said former NFL wide receiver Qadry Ismail on Gio And Jones. “That’s what you want. You want your backup to not flinch. He looks like Nick Foles who we have seen a few years back. I think he has enough talent around him. What Carson did, you see his composure, that’s what helps him be such a great catalyst for this offensive team.”

Coach Doug Pederson is going to have quite the task ahead of him if Wentz is indeed out.

“Nick just needs to be him,” said Ismail. “Doug Pederson is going to have his ultimate coaching job as far as the mental game and making sure guys are ready to support Nick if in fact this is as devastating of an ACL injury as everyone is reporting.”

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