George Springer is riding high. His Astros just won their first World Series in franchise history. He took home the World Series MVP trophy. They had to get by the Yankees first in the ALCS, overcoming a 3-2 deficit to get to the World Series. Those Yankees just added Giancarlo Stanton to an already pretty good lineup.

“I think that they understand who they have in their organization, and they wanted to add a piece. He’s obviously a big part of that team now,” Springer said on The D.A. Show. “It’s going to make an already hard team to play even harder with him in their lineup. A lot of teams, including ourselves, are going to have their hands full.”

With Stanton in the fold, the Yankees are right there with the Astros as favorites to win the American League.

“That’s a great team over there with a lot of great players,” said Springer. “They obviously had a tremendous season. For them to go out and add Stanton is going to make them harder. It’s only going to make them better. I believe that our team is just as good. I expect a lot of battles throughout the year.”

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