The Dolphins have had a very odd up and down season. They won a game, lost two games, won three games, then lost five in a row, and now have won two straight. They shocked the Patriots, 27-20, to improve to 6-7 and a game behind for the final playoff spot in the AFC. Monday night’s win over the Patriots on Monday Night Football was essential for Miami.

“If you ask anybody around the organization, we wet the bed on every national stage game,” said Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake on Ferrall On The Bench. “It was really a redemption for us in general and for our season. It’s a one-week season from here on out…so we’re just trying to win out.”

It’s been an odd season for the Dolphins, who despite some failures, they are still in the playoff race. How did they take down the 10-2 Patriots though, who have looked unstoppable the last two months?

“It’s really just resiliency,” said Drake. “Throughout the year, it’s really any given Sunday. Any team can go out and beat any team. Especially the last few weeks, take it one week at a time. It was a familiar opponent. Obviously it’s a division rival, but also with us playing them two out of three weeks, we wanted to exploit things that we saw in the last game that obviously we lost. We went out there executed the gameplan to perfection and came out with a great win.”

The question is how do you explain the highs and the lows of this Dolphins season.

“We were putting ourself in a lot of favorable situations, third and short, and we weren’t executing. We were putting our defense behind the eight ball. Our defense has been stepping up all year long, because our offense really sputtered at the beginning of the year. Now that our offense is starting to pick up, giving our defense a little more time to rest on the sideline, go out there and play full speed, capable of their caliber. I feel like we’re really hitting the stride as a team. December is the most important month of the year. You can really go into a postseason and really make a run.”

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