The Browns are now 0-13 on the season. They have a new GM in John Dorsey. Nobody knows if Hue Jackson will coach the team next year or not. It always seems to be dysfunction in the Browns organization that carries onto the field. The Browns haven’t made the playoffs since 2002.

What will Dorsey be able to do to try and change this up?

“I think John Dorsey is one of many who raise their hand to say you know what I’ll go into Cleveland with all these extra draft picks and almost $100 million in cap room, if they make wise choices, they could really put a pretty good team together,” former Browns GM Phil Savage said on Gio And Jones.

“The struggle there is that there’s been no continuity through the years. Not only in coaching and scouting, but PR, ticket sales, stadium management, it’s been a different group of people virtually with every regime. There’s no way to compete and see Cincinnati with Marvin Lewis for 15 years, the Ravens have basically three coaches since they came to Baltimore in 1996, and Pittsburgh is the definition of stability through the years. In that league, you have to have some degree of continuity between coaching, between the GM, and the quarterback. Cleveland has had none of those things. Maybe John can bring it to the table. I don’t know, maybe there’s something in the water there. There always something crazy when you’re there.”

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